Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole has been a top name in mid-tier handbag category since 2007. Since launching, Artisan House and Danielle Nicole have expanded her reach to include a comprehensive jewelry collection as well as a highly anticipated collaboration with Disney. Danielle Nicole founder Danielle Diferdinando was also featured in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. Artisan House is proud to represent Danielle and looks forward to more stellar seasons ahead.

Artisan House 

In 2010, Steve Russo launched Artisan House the Contemporary Women’s Handbag and Accessory division. At Artisan House, our company goal is to provide an environment that curates and nurtures artistry and talent. We are a full service firm that specializes in design development, sales and marketing for contemporary and mass market brands. Our household brand such as Danielle Nicole has included partnerships with Disney and Capwell Jewelry. Other owned brands included Foley & Corinna, Isabella Fiore and licensed Snob Essentials by Bag Snob’s Tina Craig and Kelly Cook.

DN X Disney

Danielle Nicole and Disney have collaborated to create a co-branded handbag collection inspired by Disney Princess characters and Tinker Bell. Danielle Nicole brings the iconic characters to life in an unexpected way with modern elements like pom poms, sparkle and tassels; giving each item in the line a contemporary and modern flare.