Pacific Sourcing Group, FAB NY's sourcing and R&D arm located in Hong Kong, China is the home of the ideation and innovation of FAB NY products. It's where it all comes to life. In a ribbon cutting ceremony with the President and CEO Steve Russo and our Managing Director Sara Sek of PSG, all were smiles at the newly updated facilities. With a larger sample room space and a start of the art office and support, PSG enhances the total FAB experience for all its partners.



Product safety is our top priority at FAB. We stand behind all of our products and take product safety very seriously. All FAB products are tested during the development process at independent third party laboratories that are approved by our retailers and licensors. We require that all FAB products meet or exceed all applicable national and international standards. After the production and sale of FAB product, we continue to monitor our products and remain diligent about product safety. We routinely review and analyze any retailer and consumer feedback and respond promptly. In the event any issues, we investigate the situation immediately and thoroughly and promptly take the appropriate course of action. 

We constantly seek to improve our quality control and safety standards and have a team in place to ensure that we are up-to-date in an ever-changing environment. Consumers with concerns regarding the quality or safety of our product may contact us through information provided on our product packaging, or on our toll-free number in the US & Canada 888-333-2684.


At FAB NY, we conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethical and industry standards. We are fully committed to using factories that treat workers with dignity and respect. In order to do business with FAB, each factory must comply with the standards set by FAB, our licensors and our retailers- prohibiting child labor, forced labor, excessive work hours, discrimination and abuse. These standards also protect workers' rights to legal wages, freedom of association, and a safe and healthy working environment. We also recognize that factories making FAB's products are not perfect workplaces. We regularly audit all factories and where there are known areas of non-compliance, we work with the factories to improve standards and become compliant. However, if a factory is ultimately unwilling or unable to make necessary improvements to workplace standards, FAB will cease doing business with that factory immediately.